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Welcome to Liquid Property where knowing the market is our mantra and sharing this knowledge is our competitive advantage. Liquid Property provides a unique sales experience through the creation of tailored marketing campaigns and sales strategies.


Liquid’s unique approach to selling real estate will ensure the characteristics of your property are identified and quantified so we can readily target the most likely purchaser market for you.


Liquid’s experienced sales people will implement your personalised sales strategy and guide you through every stage of its implementation.


Liquid’s track record speaks for itself. We offer you honest advice with no obligation and frown on poor industry practice such as over-pricing to buy listings or under-pricing (baiting) potential buyers for auction sales


At Liquid we know starting out on your search for the dream property can be an arduous and sometimes frustrating experience. To assist, Liquid has developed information packs which will provide you with the tools to track, measure and compare your properties throughout your journey. Either call or email us to access these valuable services.


Or . . . need to know what the market is doing in your area of interest? Our valuers are able to assist you with market advice and can even send you recent property sales for you to undertake your own market research before considering your purchase. Contact our valuers for your market information needs.


Properties at Liquid can be sold even before they reach the market. Contact us to discuss your needs and keep one step in front of the competition.


Liquid provides specialised asset valuations for a broad client base. Our valuations are thoroughly scoped, managed and analysed by chartered professionals to provide you, the client a consistent and articulated outcome.

Valuation services comprise;

  • Market Value to assist with purchasing property, estate settlements, family law, tax, etc
  • Fair Value for accounting purposes
  • Insurance Value which sets the correct value to which you should insure your property

Liquid’s area of expertise is significant and encompasses the majority of real and intangible asset classes within an organisation. Examples are:

  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Library and antiquarian books
  • Fine Arts
  • Jewellery
  • Plant and equipment
  • Databases
  • Software
  • Mastheads/Logos/Websites

Please contact us to discuss your valuation requirements


Not all management companies are the same. At Liquid we do more than just collect your rent, your investment is managed to ensure it maximises returns whilst maintaining its highest and best use value.


Liquid are more than just caretakers, rather professionals concerned with implementing and managing an efficient and effective life cycle for your property.


To reduce the financial and physical risks to your asset we undertake due diligence on tenants, conduct regular property inspections, maintenance reviews and provide regular reports detailing the current performance and state of your property.

As professionals we monitor and advise on:

  • Risk management
  • Market value
  • Value maximisation
  • Rental values
  • Maintenance
  • Tax depreciation
  • Capital budgeting

Contact us to discuss all your investment property needs


Liquid’s leasing department are experienced and well versed in matching properties with tenants and prospective tenants to properties.


We are fully cognisant of the relevant legislation that frames the leasing process which translates into added protection for both landlord and tenant.


Whether it is a commercial office complex or a residential flat; we can find the  tenant that’s right for your property.

We recognise your need to maximise returns on your investment property but also the need to ensure your asset is secure. Liquid strictly vets all prospective tenants to ensure there is no interruption to cashflow or potential misuse of property assets.


Liquid understands your need as a tenant. Be confident we can get you accommodation which will satisfy your needs.

To help us and to make sure you can secure the property you want, prepare your references, make sure you have immediate access to a deposit and for new businesses seeking commercial space, a business plan would be an advantage.


Properties at Liquid can be leased before they reach the open market. Contact us to discuss your needs and keep one step in front of the competition.



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International: 02 9025 3788

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