The majority of Liquid’s significant valuation projects are undertaken on behalf of Government. Liquid services all tiers of Government and through experience are cognisant of the significance of outcomes in meeting regulatory and community expectations.


Our experience covers a wide range of asset types and our portfolio valuations have included:

Correctional Services
Major State prison and associated administrative facilities including valuation of major plant.


Emergency Services
Valuation of metropolitan fire stations, country fire services, state, emergency services, land, buildings, plant and equipment across two States.


Full portfolio valuations of State education asset base including land, buildings, plant, library contents, fine arts and historical material.


National Parks
Liquid has valued the entire portfolios of State National Parks including all camping, road, trail and services infrastructure, uniquely comprising some of Australia’s earliest settlements.


Over 80 councils across the country providing valuations for financial reporting and insurance covering all asset classes.


Portfolios valued include land and water based assets, harbours, marinas, commercial and domestic berths, commercial boats, aids to navigation including light houses, jetties, boat ramps and associated launch equipment, groynes, inter alia.


Liquid has valued railway stations, bus fleets, transport depot portfolios and associated plant and equipment in several states.


Valuations of Olympic facilities including velodromes, national sporting stadia, rifle ranges, international swimming complexes, track and field stadia, outdoor and indoor basketball and netball complexes, rowing courses.


Casino’s, entertainment centres, convention centres, State theatres and plant and equipment.


Network Infrastructure
Remote area electricity networks, town water supply and sewer networks, country and metropolitan road networks and infrastructure.


Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Courts, Federal Courts, holding cells, legal libraries and paraphernalia.


Full portfolio valuations of two State’s police asset base including land, buildings, plant, marine and training assets.


Valuations of State portfolios and Local Health District portfolios across the country with over $15bn valued in recent years.


Fine Art
Construction of registers and valuation of rare collections, fine art, scrimshaw, antiquarian, library contents and other highly valued unique items


Plant and Equipment
Construction of registers and valuation of plant and equipment items ranging from heavy industrial to office contents and including vehicles, aircraft, marine craft, transport assets and associated network assets.


Over the past 10 years Liquid has become a significant service provider to the health industry in the fields of valuation, asset management and strategic analysis.

Liquid’s projects range across several states and include the following portfolios:

  • SA Health
  • Health and Human Services (Tas)
  • Central Coast Local Health District
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Northern NSW Local Health District
  • Western Sydney Local Health District

In addition, Liquid provides advice to the Aged Care sector in relation to valuations for financial reporting and insurance and benchmarking market inputs for the development of competitive pricing analysis.


Liquid’s involvement in the education sector has been significant and includes:

  • Child Care Centres
  • Independent Schools
  • Government Education Portfolios
  • Tertiary campuses including TAFE colleges
  • Education Libraries

Major portfolios have included:

Department of Education (Tas)

Valuation of the entire portfolio including primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, libraries, State museum and library

Department of Education (Vic)(Tas)

In conjunction with the Victoria Valuer-General, valuation of primary schools, secondary schools, administration and camp facilities.

TAFE SA (including libraries)(Tas)

Valuation of the SA portfolio of metropolitan and regional campuses for financial reporting, insurance, rent modelling and disposal purposes.

Liquid has provided advice in relation to:

Asset management – Life cycle analysis

Componentisation – Stripping back assets into distinguishable and separate economic components for analysis

Depreciation – Allocating depreciation allowances against fixed assets and their components

Justice & Emergency

A highly specialised field, Liquid has extensive experience in providing valuations of unique and significant assets, mainly to Government of the following major portfolios:

  • Police – Valuation of State police assets for inclusion in financial statements including stations, holding cells, plant and craft.
  • Courts – Valuation of the State court infrastructure, Local, District and Supreme Court facilities including significant heritage listed assets, legal libraries and antiquarian items.
  • Correctional Services – Valuation and life-cycle analysis of State prisons and remand centres including hard-wired plant.
  • Attorney-General’s – Valuation of the office accommodation including residual value analysis at end of life tenancy
  • Country Fire Services – Valuation of State fire and emergency infrastructure including regional command centres and plant and equipment
  • Metropolitan Fire Services – Station portfolios including appliances and plant and equipment. Site analysis for development of new station facilities.
  • Ambulance Services – Including all stations, vehicles and plant and equipment

Sport & Entertainment

Liquid is major provider of advice to Local and State Government on sporting infrastructure. Councils hold a basket of community assets for which sports pavilions, playing fields, tennis courts, basket ball courts, golf courses and associated facilities form part. Liquid provides full asset management and valuation advice to Government on these assets and has valued the following significant facilities for inclusion in for financial reports, asset and risk management:

  • Olympic velodromes
  • International Athletics sports stadia
  • League playing fields and associated spectator facilities
  • Golf courses
  • National basketball and netball stadiums
  • International rifle and shooting ranges
  • South Australia’s public jetty portfolio
  • Olympic rowing courses
  • Yacht clubs
  • Commercial marine harbours
  • Leisure marinas

Liquid also has a prominent background in the provision of valuation advice for the entertainment sector. These assets have included:

  • State entertainment centres
  • Convention centres
  • Casinos
  • Cinema complexes
  • Hotels
  • Motels


Liquid’s involvement in this sector is wide ranging and we have provided advice in relation to asset management, depreciation analysis, market values, valuations for financial reporting and insurance as well as strategic analysis on portfolio management.

Portfolios and assets we have provided advice for include:

  • Government public bus fleets
  • State transport depots, plant and equipment
  • Government marine portfolios including marinas, harbours, aids to navigation, lighthouses, land-backed assets and plant and equipment
  • Road networks
  • Railway Stations
  • Airports
  • Planes
  • Commercial boats
  • Government car fleets


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